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What’s new in Fedora Linux 27?

Fedora 27, the latest version of the Red Hat-sponsored Linux project that serves both as a user distribution and as a proving ground for new ideas in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, is set to arrive this week or next. The most important additions and changes in Fedora 27 include: Greater modularization of the underlying system. The latest versions of popular languages and system components. Broader use of Flatpak software packaging for desktop apps. Fedora alpha releases discontinued. New Fedora features Fedora 26 introduced the concept of modularity to Read More...

What’s new in Angular 5?

Key features include: An emphasis on making it easier to build progressive web apps, so apps can be cached in the browser. The progressive web apps concept, the product of a joint effort between Google and Mozilla, is about enabling development of browser-based apps that offer a superior, native-like experience. Google is still building support for capability in the command-line interface (CLI). A build optimizer that makes the application smaller by eliminating unnecessary code. (The build optimizer is a command-line tool.) Making Material Design components compatible Read More...